Meralco targets prepaid service early next year

By Paul Anthony A. Isla, Business Mirror

MANILA, Philippines - Power retailer Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) plans to introduce prepaid electricity early next year, Alfredo Panlilio, the company’s senior vice president for customer-retail services and corporate communications, said on Friday.
Panlilio said Meralco is evaluating proposals for implementing the service along the guidelines issued by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).
Prepaid electricity has been in operation in countries such as South Africa and Indonesia, and more recently in India, Australia and New Zealand, he said. In South Africa and Indonesia consumers use tokens and a meter with numbered keys where a code is punched in.
“What will make Meralco’s implementation different is our leveraging on the strength of prepaid telecoms in the Philippines. The Filipino’s love affair with his prepaid mobile is a powerful vehicle we will ride on, making the Philippine implementation somewhat unique versus the early adopters of the service,” Panlilio said.
Meralco and Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) are both controlled by businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan.
The purchase of Meralco prepaid electricity will be the same as mobile-phone loading; a consumer provides the store his mobile number and the store loads that number through text messaging. The consumer then gets a confirmation text, saying that his meter is loaded, and electricity is immediately provided.
When the load is running low, Panlilio said, the consumer also gets a warning text, approximately four days before the electricity is cut off.
Panlilio said households that find prepaid a better system to match their income with their expenses will like this service because it makes control of expenses simple.
Lessors and lessees are also potential customers since the prepaid service eliminates the persistent issue of lessees leaving behind bills.
Panlilio said existing good-use practices might be adapted by local government units (LGUs), corporations, and small and medium enterprises. LGUs that want to adhere to strict budgetary guidelines, or companies looking to separate corporate-use facilities versus staff and personal-use areas, may prefer to use prepaid.
“We are studying all these possibilities to provide our customers with options to suit their needs,“ he said. “We continue to understand our customers better, scan innovations around the world and adapt them Filipino-style to be of better service and relevance here.” 



Stunning Photoshop Tutorials

In this re-post, I’ve selected 4 fresh and Stunning Photoshop tutorials. In this collection, you will find photo manipulation, digital art, interface, etc, in order to supercharge your Photoshop tutorials for 2011. Have fun!!!



Oprah Winfrey said "Miss Philippines deserve to win"

Oprah Winfrey said "Miss Philippines deserve to win"

Replay? Click here: http://www.pinoyspoilers.com/2011/08/watch-miss-universe-2011-live-streaming.html

(Update) However, there has been no official videos, links or statement (so far) to prove this. As of now, this is still considered fake/hoax unless proven. If you have links to prove this, please post it below.


If you can survive, you must remember that I love you

I was so touched with this story I read from one of my Facebook friends. It's all about the love of a mother to her child, that even her life, she sacrificed for him. I wept while reading, that's why I come up to mind to re-post it to let you know her story.

This is a true story of Mother’s Sacrifice during the Japan Earthquake.

After the Earthquake had subsided, when the rescuers reached the ruins of a young woman’s house, they saw her dead body through the cracks. But her pose was somehow strange that she knelt on her knees like a person was worshiping; her body was leaning forward, and her two hands were supporting by an object. The collapsed house had crashed her back and her head.

With so many difficulties, the leader of the rescuer team put his hand through a narrow gap on the wall to reach the woman’s body. He was hoping that this woman could be still alive. However, the cold and stiff body told him that she had passed away for sure.

He and the rest of the team left this house and were going to search the next collapsed building. For some reasons, the team leader was driven by a compelling force to go back to the ruin house of the dead woman. Again, he knelt down and used his had through the narrow cracks to search the little space under the dead body. Suddenly, he screamed with excitement,” A child! There is a child! “
The whole team worked together; carefully they removed the piles of ruined objects around the dead woman. There was a 3 months old little boy wrapped in a flowery blanket under his mother’s dead body. Obviously, the woman had made an ultimate sacrifice for saving her son. When her house was falling, she used her body to make a cover to protect her son. The little boy was still sleeping peacefully when the team leader picked him up.
The medical doctor came quickly to exam the little boy. After he opened the blanket, he saw a cell phone inside the blanket. There was a text message on the screen. It said,” If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.” This cell phone was passing around from one hand to another. Every body that read the message wept. ” If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.” Such is the mother’s love for her child!!

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How to Create a Typographic Image

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Halloween in the Philippines

Card trick or treats?
So, what do you know about Halloween? What is Halloween? How would you celebrate it? Have you experienced knocking on the neighborhood's door and shouting, "Trick or Treats?", Nah! that's a kid stuff!, you would say. But it brings great FUN! Or maybe you are wondering, how do Filipinos celebrates Halloween in the Philippines? What is Halloween for them? 


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