A Funny Bird Song

I've heard this song many times from my mother when I was a kid. I don't know why I remember it suddenly and can't help myself smiling while humming the song.

It is a Bisayan Song to the tune of  Manang Biday a popular Ilocano folk song which is all about courtship. But this Bisayan rendition is quite far from the original meaning of the song for it talks about a fable of it main characters, the Maya and other birds. And only the first verse borrowed the latter song's tune.

Maya, Maya Nganong Nalipay Ka?

 Maya! Maya! nganong nalipay ka?

"Nalipay ko kay ting-ani na..

Kinsa ba'y dili malipay?

Pula, Puti ang among humay!

"Doktor si Periko 

Abukay  sekretaryo

Tenyente Salampati 

Ay! Tikling estudyante

Maya walay kaulaw 

sa tanang kalanggaman

sampiton dili mutingog

sanglit kay bungol man.

bird's name:

maya - black-headed munia




tikling-barred rail