The COAST GUARD is now my sailboat's CAPTAIN!

My Sailboat

Usually, people describe their lives like a roller coaster; when the roller coaster is down their lives are hard, and when it's up their lives are good.  I tend to think of my life as a sailboat, as I love to sail.  Let me set the scene for you:  The ocean spreads as far as the eye can see, and I am standing on the deck of my Catalina 22 sail boat, complete with a full cabin, a spinnaker in the stow under the main deck, kitchen, and a V-birth in the bow.  There is a captain's wheel right before the tall mast.  The sail is down and the boat has been tied off to the dock.  There is a storm coming in.  Now for the symbolism; the Harbors are God, He is the shelter from every storm (bad thing, sin, evil, whatever you want to call it) in my life.  My boat is me.  The journey across the ocean is my journey through life.  There are many Harbors from the beginning of my journey to the end.  As I travel across the ocean, there are storms that come up and toss my boat around in the waves.  Sometimes, I try and tough out the storm on my own, and when I crash and my boat is about to sink, the Coast Guard (God) always comes to my rescue and tows me to safety.  Other times, I get lost.  I will have just left the Harbor, feeling good from rest and good food, and I will have ignored the Harbor Master's (God's) directions.  I get lost in the fog on the ocean, and when all hope seems lost, I will turn on my radio and beg for help.  Once again, even though I ignored them (Him) before, the Coast Guard will come to my rescue and save me from being lost forever. 
So many times in my life I take God for granted, I use 'cheap grace', and I ignore His word.  The Bible is God's sea-chart to life, He gave it to us so we can navigate our boats around the fog and through the storms.  We may lose our way and we may capsize, but God never gives up on us, He always loves and cares for us.  The only way through the storms of life and through the fog is to trust Him and follow Him.  We need Him to be the captain on our sailboats, and once He is we'll never get lost.  I would just like to re affirm my faith in Him; God, take over, you are the captain of my sailboat.

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